I feel a transition from musician to scenographer. Which in the end is an hybrid state of being. During this semester I was not only experimenting for my master studies, I was also performing as a musician. Just a musician. I played in Strasbourg with Peter Zegveld and our Machine Orchestra. He is a very theatrical music performer and suddenly I realized that I need to claim a place on a stage when I perform music. Of course this is not new for me, my whole graduation performance was about this. But after also seeing the performance of Lisa Verbelen, I realized that my performing body is also part of my scenographic toolbox. I can use it, also when I am not performing. It is about being aware of how my body is relating to space. In the paper of Share that I wrote I explain how I admire Verbelens bodily presence during her solo performance. She was doing experiments on stage, here and now, very purely and aware of her body all the time. I think I need to see my experiments more as a performance and my performance more as an experiment. So that I am more aware how and which space I use by doing it.
Reflecting on this semester I think I did way more experiments then I thought. Now I archive my experiments it turns out to be a big harvest, I was not aware of that at all!